Saturday, 5 December 2015

Aldi Ski Wear Review

 Aldi have just launched there new Ski Wear range available to buy in stores now! We have been lucky enough to try some out. Although sadly we are not going Skiing this year, we are hoping to visit Grindelwald in Switzerland again next January! We enjoyed testing out this Ski Gear and i am surprised at just how good the quality of the Ski wear is. I don't understand why people would want to pay top prices for gear from Ski/Snowboard shops when you can get everything you need from Aldi at such reasonable prices.
Here's what we have tried and highly recommend :-)


                                                            Ladies Ski Jacket 

Usually i don't like Ski Jackets, i never like how i look in them as they make me look quite frumpy! I know it's because they are padded really! The last one I had was Grey and it was very unsightly! I hated how it looked and i felt uncomfortable in it. I have tried this new Ski jacket at home but not out in the snow yet (I will do if we get any!)  I quite like how it looks, Red suits me a lot more than Grey! The jacket isn't too padded although it is very cosy and warm. It has Breathable and Waterproof membrane and is Windproof too.
It has adjustable sleeves, ventilation openings, zipped pockets including key card pocket, removeable inner snowbelt and a removable hood.
I like this Jacket and i'm happy i have my Ski wear all sorted for next year!

Available in Sizes Small and Medium

RRP:  £34.99

                                              Childrens Fleece Underwear


Don't forget to keep the little ones snug and warm too! I love the colour of these Fleece underwear sets, my girls love the, and will probably wear then as the Weather gets colder or if their wish comes true and it actually does Snow around Christmas!
Lottie is very fussy about what she wears, all the seams have to feel comfortable on her or she wont be happy. This set got her approval so it must be very comfortable! 


Fabric with Hydrophilic finish to assist body moisture transport management.

Flatlock seams for comfort.

Inside brushed for warmth.

Soft touch.

Available in sizes 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years
RRP: £3.99

For the Toddler

Kier wore his all in one Snow suit recently for a rather wet and windy day out. He wasn't so keen to wear it at first as he likes to feel free and hes not used to wearing all in ones, but after 5 minutes he was happy and realised how nice and warm and dry he was when wearing his snowsuit.
I would recommend this not only for skiing but for days out this Winter, as long as you don't put too many layers on the child, they wont need many when wearing this snowsuit!
The suit has detachable Mittens which Kier didn't want to wear (fussy like his sister!) We found is easy to get on and off him as there is a full zip down the front. The elasticated hood is also very useful!

Available in sizes 18-24 Months, 2-3 years
RRP:  £9.99

Visit your nearest Aldi Store to see more from this range. Please remember items are subject to availability.

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