Wednesday, 16 December 2015

10 things you should encourage your child to try

As parents, we strive to give our kids the very best start in life. We want them to have every opportunity and every experience they possibly can. Lead your kids to better job prospects and academic success with our top 10 things you should get your kids to try:

  1. Learn A Musical Instrument - It doesn’t matter if they stick with it or not. Many kids who gave up return to music lessons as an adult. Why not hire the instrument? You can request a violin hire, piano hire, or even a guitar hire. It gives your child access to good quality instruments without the long term commitment.

  1. Play Sports - There are dozens of different sports and activities they should be trying. Try team sports like rounders or baseball. Basketball is good for coordination. If your child prefers his own company, then why not give swimming or tennis a go. Creative children often get on well with dance classes.

  1. Find Out For Himself - Learning to learn is a tricky concept for small children. But even babies can begin to explore the world and experiment. Something as simple as a cardboard box full of toys with a cloth over the top could be just the trick for a curious baby. As children get older, try to avoid handing them the answers. Instead, hand them tools and tips for finding out themselves.

  1. New Foods - Some children are very sensitive to new tastes and textures. However, regular exposure to different foods from lots of different cultures is a good thing for children. It helps promote healthy choices in eating. It also helps them feel less sensitive about the foods they’re not that keen on like vegetables.

  1. Drawing A Face - Not all children are naturally gifted artists. Drawing a face can give your child an outlet to express his feelings. You can find a couple of lessons online to help teach this skill to your children.

  1. Making A Soft Toy - Arts and crafts are handy skills to have. They help a child be creative too. Making a teddy bear gives your child design, sewing, problem-solving, and sculpting. Make something from nothing today.

  1. Cooking - Understanding what happens to ingredients when they are mixed or heated together is essential. Children need to learn how to prepare food for a healthy diet when they are adults. Help them read methods and shop for ingredients.

  1. Cleaning - They will need to be doing it for themselves one day. Encourage your children to help with domestic household chores so they can learn effective ways to stay hygienic.

  1. Learn How Cars Work - Understanding the basics of engines, steering and motion could spark an interest in your child that will lead to a good career. If not cars, try his toy robot, or the washing machine

  1. Taking Care Of A Pet - Empathy and personal care are essential skills for anyone to have. It doesn’t have to be your pet. You can always make regular visits to a petting zoo.

There are lots of skills we need to learn as kids. There are even more we should have a chance to try. Enjoy quality time learning with your children this winter.

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