Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Winter Lip Care - Looking your best whatever the Weather

Winter Lip Care: Looking Your Best Whatever the Weather

Winter weather is now in full force, the temperature has dropped and we’re noticing the affect the wet and windy days are having on our beauty regimes. So, if your lips are starting to chap and peel, you’re not alone. Here are a few expert tips on how to keep your lips kissable throughout the colder months.

Lather them with Lip Balm
Lip balm soothes and moisturises your lips leaving them feeling soft and plump; however, did you know applying too much lip balm could actually be harming your lips?
During the cold winter months, many women get into a habit of applying lip balm multiple times a day, but this could be creating a never-ending cycle as some kinds of lip balms can actually end up making your lips even drier.
Here are a few top tips to help you choose a lip balm and apply it correctly:

·         Avoid lip balms with ingredients like phenol, menthol and salicylic acid.
·         Limit your use of scented or flavoured lip balms.
·         Basic petroleum-based jelly lip balms are highly effective best-buys.
·         Opt for a lip balm with SPF.

Exfoliate Away Dead Skin
You would exfoliate your skin, so why not your lips? A gentle scrub will remove dead skin particles and increase blood flow to your lips making them silky smooth and naturally fuller. Plus, it’s a simple and affordable beauty treatment you can do from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is a clean toothbrush (a bargain supermarket one will do), brown sugar and some petroleum jelly.
Simply place a small amount of jelly and a pea sized amount of sugar onto the palm of your hand and mix. Then use the toothbrush to rub the mixture over your lips in a gentle circular motion. The brown sugar will act as an exfoliator whilst the jelly moisturises your lips. Then finally wipe off the mixture, leaving soft and supple pouty lips.

Plump Them Up with Lip Enhancement
If you’d like fuller lips that frame your smile in all photos this festive season then you may like to consider lip enhancement.
When expertly augmented, full and pouty lips can not only define your face, but impart a sense of youthful health and make you feel confident and sexy.
Small, pain-free injections of Juvederm Ultra Smile (products vary depending on who completes the procedure) will plump up your lips to a design of your choice and you may also find ageing smile lines disappear too!
Keep Lips Moisturised By Drinking Plenty of Water
The cold winter weather may cause your lips to dry out and chap, but staying hydrated can help prevent this and minimise the amount of damage the wind and rain does.
When it’s cold, it’s tempting to drink hot drinks, but don’t forget to get through your two litres of water a day too. This will ensure your lips have enough moisture and make chapping a thing of the past.
Are you considering lip enhancement? Then contact Perfect Lips by Dr Rob. Dr Rob is the ONLY Facial Aesthetic Practitioner in Wales to be accepted on the IHAS register and granted the quality assurance mark. He promises a pain-free, no trout pout treatment that will leave you with fuller, kissable lips you’ll be proud of. Phone 03335 779293 to learn more.

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