Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Theming your childs room? These tips can help you

Designing a themed bedroom for your child is the perfect opportunity for any parent to unleash their creativity. You can have real fun and get creative with the design and styling ideas. Something that wouldn't work in your bedroom could look incredible in your child’s bedroom. You want this room to fill your children with wonder and fuel their imagination, so the pressure is on to get it right. These three tips will aid you in creating a successfully themed room that’s worthy of a magazine cover.

Choosing the right theme

Your child will have their own taste and it’s likely they will have their own theme in mind. You may have to subtly steer them in the right direction if the theme they have chosen isn’t suitable. What they are interested in now may be completely different next week, so choose wisely. Always consider your child’s interests and hobbies as these make great themes. You could create a ballet or football themed room for instance. You don’t want a theme that doesn’t relate to your child or they won’t enjoy their room at all.

How to include the theme

There are many ways you can incorporate a theme into a room. It can be on a large or small scale, depending on your budget and space available. Take a look at Disney wallpaper for bedrooms, which create a real statement piece. Your children are bound to love a room that includes their favourite Disney characters on the walls. For a fabulous focal point, you can invest in themed furniture such as beds and wardrobes. These provide a functional yet magical feature to your child’s bedroom that they will use on a daily basis. On a smaller scale you could use navy and white bedding for a nautical themed room. Clever accessories can change the feel of a room and also bring a theme across. For instance for a princess room, you can use pink fairy lights and include a castle shaped rug.

Make sure it’s functional

It’s great having a room that your children can play and have fun in. But when it comes down to it, a bedroom needs to be functional. This is where you children should be able to sleep peacefully and provide a space for homework. When thinking about your design, consider it’s functionality first. If it’s going to be difficult for your child to use, they won’t get the full enjoyment out of it. Get creative with your storage ideas. Use hooks or small drawers to keep particular items organised such as toys or stationery. This will make it easier for your child to remember where certain items are kept. Also keep some of the storage at their height so they can help tidy up. And remember to include suitable lighting, that helps your child relax after a long day at school or nursery.

The key to achieving a great themed room is always to keep your child in mind. Be creative but don’t go too overboard. Ask them what they want in their room and you can’t go wrong.

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