Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The use of Patterns - How to strike the right balance in your home


The use of patterns in your home: how to strike the right balance in your property

Patterns have the potential to make or break interior design schemes. When used skilfully, they can bring vibrancy, colour and interest to rooms, but if they’re mishandled, they can create gaudy, cluttered looking and generally unappealing spaces. So that you strike the right balance in your abode, here’s a brief guide to harnessing the power of patterns.

Start with a design you love
From flowers to stripes, circles and squares, there’s no shortage of designs to choose from and you might feel a little overwhelmed when you begin planning your decor. The trick is to start with a pattern you love and work from there, rather than attempting to choose multiple designs at once. Whether you’ve seen the perfect print on a pair of curtains, rug, sofa or section of wallpaper, make this your first purchase and use it to set the tone for the rest of your room. Once you’ve identified your inspirational piece, you should find it much easier to choose other accessories.

Don’t be afraid to experiment
Don’t shy away from experimenting with different patterns in the same room. In fact, incorporating designs of varying sizes and styles can help to bring spaces to life. For harmony though, it’s important to stick to the core group of colours contained in your initial pattern. This will help to tie the different elements of your room together and give the space a sense of flow. If you’re not sure whether different patterns will complement one another, it could be worth arranging to see samples. Certain suppliers will send examples of fabrics to your home, or deliver them to you in person. For example, window dressing specialists Curtain World have on-road consultants who can bring samples to your property. Seeing examples of the materials you have in mind alongside your other home accessories may encourage you to be bold in your choices rather than erring on the side of caution and sticking with what you already know.

Introduce block colours for balance
So that your patterns really stand out, it’s important to offset them by incorporating block colours too. For example, if you’ve opted for some showstopper curtains or blinds featuring an eye-catching design, it’s a good idea to balance this out by painting your walls in one solid hue. Similarly, if you fall head over heels for seating upholstered in an intricately coloured fabric, it’s best to set these accessories down on plain flooring. Layering competing designs on top of one another can create a confused, busy and unattractive finish - and it means the individual patterns can get lost.  

There’s definitely a knack to getting this aspect of interior design right. However, as long as you plan your décor carefully, you should be able to achieve the beautiful, balanced look you’re aiming for.

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