Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Half Term Fun in Liverpool

 It's hard to believe that October half term and been and gone, as always it flew by!
We always spend October half term at my parents house in Liverpool. My mum throws a pretty amazing Halloween party. I love taking the kids trick or treating around all the houses that i too use to knock at when i was little, although most of the neighbours have either passed away or moved on now, it still feels really special walking around the Village i grew up in with my little ones.

Here is what we got up to in Liverpool last week.

Maritime Fun!

I took Amelie to the Albert Dock, my favourite place to visit in Liverpool!
We enjoyed looking around the souvenirs shops, Amelie bought a Liverpool notebook and a Liverpool purse, we visited a Milkshake shop and had a look around the Maritime Museum... my FAVOURITE Museum in the world!!
I loved how interested Amelie was in learning about Ships. She wrote down a lot of Titanic information in her notebook and got to see a real Lifejacket from the Titanic.
I look forward to taking Lottie and Kier to this Museum when they are a little older. It was such good fun.

Speke Hall

Me and my sister decided to take part in some of the Halloween activities going on at Speke Hall, One of the places i would visit often when i was little! We took Lottie and my nephew Tyne around the huge period building. It was done out all spooky for Halloween, with pretend ghosts that Lottie was terrified of, 2 year old Tyne didn't seemed bothered at all!
Then we took the children to the "Witch School" there. Lottie and Tyne really enjoyed hearing how to make spells such as turning your sister or brother into a toad! Luckily she didn't try it on her sister or brother!

Halloween Fun

For Halloween Day time we headed over to a very popular Halloween Grotto, there we carved our own Pumpkins and took a walk through the gruesome grotto, the older ones loved it but the younger ones definitely did not! In the evening we all dressed up, yes the kids and the adults! This has never happened before!
We played a few games and went Trick or Treating all around the Village!
The kids got SOOOO many sweets. We then had some of my mums amazing traditional Witches Broth (stew) followed by some cookies and cakes. Best Fun Ever!

Halloween Grotto

                                                            Amelie - Gothic Ballerina

                                                                  Lottie - Spooky Bride

                                                                Kier - Mr Skinny Bone

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