Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Easy ways to get Extra Cash for Christmas

  Christmas is coming up, now i really don't want to scare anyone or give you horrendous nightmares that will haunt you when you sleep tonight... but Christmas is in fact....  50 days away!!!   EEeeeekkk!

We all struggle for cash this time of year, especially when you have 3 kids who want every single toy or game advertised on Nick. Jr (all day long!)
I have come up with a few ways that help me out this time of year, and a few ideas I found on the internet.

Selling your old tat on Ebay

It doesn't have to be anything big and expensive, and it doesn't have to be new. You can sell absolutely anything on Ebay! As long as you describe the item exactly how it is. I have made a good £100 selling my children's old clothes, old toys, DVDS. If you are quite crafty you could even make things such as handmade Christmas cards and sell them.

Car Boot Sale

Another way to sell your unwanted stuff, people attend these events looking to buy, so you have nothing to lose! Start rummaging through those old piles of clothes, make some price tags and get selling!
I made £130 at the last car boot sale i did, selling mostly kids unwanted toys and baby clothes!

Scrap your old Car

Do you have an old car sitting in your Garage? I know somebody who does!
I keep advising my sister that her old Car is going to cost so much to fix and tax and MOT that she will be better off scrapping it, or at least find out what it's worth and then make a decision. It only takes a phone call to CJ Metals to find out, Car scrapping is so beneficial and easier than you think.

Host an Event

This December i am going to be hosting 2 events in my Village. The first will be a table sale for the parents of my toddler group and the local residents. I am hoping to make around £60 from this plus the money I will make from my actual table. The second event is a Christmas party for children held at the Village Hall, we are going to hire a santa and make some yummy party food. I have decided that the money raised at one of my events will go to the Charity Kids for Life, in memory of a little boy called Ben from my home town Liverpool who sadly lost his life to cancer a few weeks ago.

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  1. some great ideas there, sounds like you will be really busy in the run up to Christmas and with 3 kids too! and what a lovely thing to do, donating the money, I hope it goes really well