Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Childminding Vs Care home Work

As my regular Readers will know, i am currently working as a Childminder. I love being a childminder. I enjoy working closely with children and it means i get to spend all my time with my own children too. I am not missing out on anything and Kier always has somebody to play with even when the girls are at School.
It's a fun and very rewarding job, but there are some down sides to Childminding.
As i have just moved house to a new area, i had to start advertising all over again! There are a lot of Nurseries and Pre schools around and i have found that there isn't much demand for childminders in this area. I am the only childminder in my area and i am starting to think this may be why!

I have recently been thinking about what else i might like to do for work.
Before I was a childminder i worked in a small Care Home. I was only a cleaner/kitchen assistant there but i took my job more seriously than the other cleaners. I didn't just go into the Rooms only to clean for the residents, I used to chat to them and even bring them a cup of tea if they wanted one. I wasn't really supposed to do this but i enjoyed spending time with them, especially the people who didn't get many visitors. I'm not sure if being a carer at a nursing home would work for me? but there are different types of caring jobs i could look into.
 I would love to visit peoples houses and spend quality time with them, talking about things that matter to them. This would suit me perfectly, although i couldn't do it until Kier starts school. It is definitely something i will consider in the near future.

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