Tuesday, 3 November 2015

5 ways to Secure your Home

 As a busy mummy of 3 i am a prime example of a complete scatter brain who is very likely to leave my house for the day and forget to lock the front the door! I have been known to even leave my car keys in the ignition when out shopping! Last week, i even managed to leave my car door open in the car park of a supermarket, to be fair i had all 3 kids with me and they were all being very fussy!

I believe there are many other scatter brain mums out there who would like to be more cautious and secure their homes without breaking the bank!

I have done a bit of research and came up with 5 great ways to secure your home, on a budget!

 1. Plenty of Light

This is a great and cheap way to keep burglars from choosing your home to intrude upon.
Install outdoor lights all around your home including the back garden. Purchase a good security light which has sensors making it light up when somebody walks up to your home.

2. Home Security System

There are so many Home Security Systems available, I have been looking up online and found so many at different prices. I personally like the look of  Kings Security as they have so much to offer, everything from security gates to cameras and very reasonably priced Alarm systems.

3. Replace old Locks

You don't have to get in touch with a locksmith for this, there are cheaper ways of doing it. Call into your local Homeware store and see what is available. Be sure to buy only good solid locks rather than the cheaper flimsy locks that some discount stores may sell. Safety Chains are also great for extra security, I have always had one in my homes.

4. Going away?

Burglaries usually happen when the house is quiet and in darkness, when it's obvious that nobody is home. Try to make sure your home doesn't look neglected when you are away. Cancel the Milk and Newspapers. Set lights and radio to come on for a few hours in the evening. Maybe ask a Neighbour to collect your post for you? You can return the favour for them when they are away.

5. Lock those Windows!

Remember to shut ground level windows. Especially in the Summer months when you may have many windows open around the home that could easily be forgotten about.
Close and Lock all the windows in the home if you are going to be away overnight.

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