Friday, 20 November 2015

4 foolproof ways to make your home more elegant

Most of us want that jaw-droppingly elegant showhome look, but with kids, partners, pets and work to attend to, when it comes to the family home, it’s easy for us to make do with clean and tidy. You might ask yourself who has the time, or indeed the money, for elegance. In truth though, making your home more chic doesn’t have to mean spending lots of time trawling through interior design magazines in search of the latest must-have trends or hours creating intricate moodboards on Pinterest. Neither does it require lots of cash. In fact, if you follow these 4 tips, you’re sure to make your home instantly more attractive.

1.    Spoil your windows
Windows are focal points. They attract the eye, even from outside your home. While blinds may be a hassle-free way of creating privacy and blocking out light, consider fitting luxury curtains to really up the style factor in your home. Floor length drapes can add a sense of drama to the dullest of rooms. For a contemporary look, think about using eyelet headings or for a more classic feel, go with pencil pleat designs.

2) Layer up
Cushions, throw and rugs not only generate feelings of comfort and indulgence, when carefully chosen to complement your decor scheme, they can create a look of opulence and tastefulness. Aim to create contrast when layering. For example, if you have a leather sofa, perhaps consider ribbed cotton scatter cushions to add depth and interest.

3) Don’t overdo the ornaments
When it comes to figurines and other knick-knacks, a less-is-more approach should be adopted. For a refined appearance and maximum impact, use ornaments sparingly. Just because Auntie Anne gave you that set of miniature bronze ducklings last Christmas doesn’t mean that they should take pride of place on your contemporary mantlepiece. Consider whether or not the pieces go with your surroundings before placing them.

4) Choose your storage wisely
It may be easier said than done but when everything has its own place in your home, it can look much more attractive. If you have children, however, the reality is that toys, arts and crafts supplies, books and sports equipment won’t be confined to one room of the house. The fact is, it’s not always practical to have these things out of sight. However, you can find attractive storage solutions for just about anything these days so there’s no excuse for not having your household items nicely organised. Don’t just go for utilitarian storage solutions; pay attention to colours, materials and designs too to get something that will not just serve a functional purpose but will also look great in your home. For example, instead of getting an unsightly plastic storage box for your son or daughter’s playthings, why not invest in a wooden trunk that wouldn’t look out of place in your traditional living room?

Remember that, above all, your home is for living in but with just a little care and attention it can be a treat for the senses too.

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