Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The wonderful world of Dance


 A few weeks before the Summer Holidays, after a huge and very public melt down at Ballet class, we decided to take Lottie out of Dancing for a while because she seemed too tired after school and very emotional. She would cry and fuss about going to Ballet every week, this was a big surprise to me as she had been dancing since the age of 3 and always enjoyed it so much. I was very upset that Lottie had quit Ballet, but i told myself it would just be a phase and she would most probably get back into it at some point. At least Amelie was still dancing and doing extremely well in Grade 1.



                                                                    Early Dancing Days

After summer Holidays i told Lottie we would try Ballet again, but instead of Twinkle Toes 3-5 year olds we would try RAD Pre Primary Ballet, which Lottie knows as "Big girl Ballet"

Lottie has been back dancing for 3 weeks now and seems to be loving it! She loves her new uniform and she loves being with girls her own age and older than her. She is very keen to try Tap dancing which she also did before, but i am worried to try too much too soon. So for now we will stick to Ballet.

Lottie in her RAD Uniform

Amelie is still enjoying her Dancing. I love that she has been at the same Ballet school since the age of 3 and I love that she is now showing massive improvements and seems to have a thirst for Ballet knowledge!
All of her books are by Darcy Bussel, she even has a Dance DVD to practise her character dances.
I could watch her dance all day long :-)

Do your Children do Ballet? or any kind of Dance/Performing Arts?

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  1. awwww both girls are just cut out to ballerinas they are little stars in the makeing :-) good luck to them xxx