Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sleep better tonight in 3 easy steps

Sleep better tonight in four easy steps

Simply getting out of bed and brushing your teeth might seem like a challenge after a bad night’s sleep, let alone looking after a family or heading out to work. So, if you regularly struggle to get enough shuteye, you might want to make some changes. The following four easy steps should help you to nod off more easily.

1) Create a comfortable, cosy sleeping space
Firstly, look at ways of making your bedroom cosier and more relaxing. Perhaps you’d benefit from hanging some blackout curtains or blinds to stop unwanted sunlight streaming through your windows, and if the space is full of clutter, consider having a clear out. Make sure it’s the right temperature too. According to the Sleep Council, bedrooms should ideally be between 18°C and 21 °C overnight.

Also, if your bed has seen better days, you might wish to replace it. Make sure you choose a model that’s big enough for you to be able to stretch out in, and if you suffer from muscle or joint problems, consider opting for a design that comes with an in-built massage feature. Having a massage before you fall asleep can help to relieve discomfort and enable you to enjoy a more peaceful night. You can visit websites like for more information on this technology. Make sure your mattress is up to scratch too. This sleeping accessory should be firm enough to support your hips and shoulders while keeping your spine straight.

2) Watch what you eat and drink
You might benefit from making changes to your diet too. Steer clear of large meals late at night as they can interfere with your sleeping patterns, and try to avoid caffeine from mid-afternoon onwards. It’s best not to have lots of alcohol too. Although booze can help you drift off initially, it may disrupt your rest later in the night.  

3) Do more exercise
If you’re not usually particularly active, think about doing some more exercise as part of your daily routine. This could involve squeezing in a gym session or a jog, or walking the kids to and from school rather than taking the car. Upping your activity levels in these ways can help to relieve stress and tension, and it should mean you’ll go to bed feeling more worn out and ready for rest.

4) Take time to relax before lights out
Try to factor in a little ‘you time’ to really relax before you hit the hay. Perhaps you’d like to wind down by taking a warm bubble bath, or maybe you’d prefer to read a few chapters of a book. Having an unwinding session like this should help to put you in the perfect frame of mind to drift off.

Most adults need between seven and nine hours shuteye per night, so if you’re not getting this much rest, now could be the time to make some changes. Following these four simple steps should help you sleep better tonight.

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  1. def love the bubble bath one and the reading one thing ive learnt is not to go on pc before bed lol :-) great post xx