Saturday, 17 October 2015

Helping Children to Sleep Well - A Mothers Guide

School, Homework, Ballet lessons, Drama lessons, Swimming Lessons and Play! The very busy lives of my 5 and 8 year old Daughters! They are always on the go! As their mummy it is my job to make sure they have plenty of energy to keep up with everything. How do we know if our children are eating healthy enough and how do we know if they are getting enough sleep?
As busy parents all we can do is try our best and hope that it is right! My children all seem happy and have plenty of energy, if anything they have too much energy!

I am not too strict when it comes to bed times. I have friends who tell me their 5 year olds go to bed at 6pm! I am a little bit jealous that those parents must have SO much of their evening left to catch up on their housework or watch TV once their children are in bed. By the time my children are asleep at 8.15 I feel as if i don't have much time left for myself. However once the children are all fast asleep I know that is where they will stay, sound asleep all night long until 7:30 the next morning. They are refreshed and happy to start a new day. That's how I know that my children are getting a good nights sleep. I hear some peoples horror stories on how their children don't sleep all night, suffer from night terrors or refuse to sleep in their own beds. While i feel lucky to have children who sleep well I also feel for parents whose sleep is interrupted by their children.

There are many ways to handle these situations and usually children grow out of their bad sleeping habits in time. I wanted to share some ideas that have always worked well with my children to insure they get a good nights sleep (and you do too!)

                                                            The Gro Clock
The Gro Clock is an amazing idea that is designed to help children who wake up in the night not knowing if it is almost time to get up, or younger children who may wake up in the very early hours in the morning thinking it is ok to wake the rest of the household up!
Simply set the clock to your children's sleeping hours, for example Amelie goes to bed at 8pm and i would like her to stay in bed until at least 7am, I set the clock for those times, so a picture of a blue star appears, the smaller stars around the clock disappear by the hour, so your child has an idea how many more hours are left until it is morning. After 7am the clock changes to a yellow sunshine, then Amelie knows it is now morning an she can get up. Great idea, isn't it?!

                                                               VELUX Blinds

It is important to keep the sun from shining through the Windows during the Summer evenings. My children have always found it harder to sleep during the Summer because of their rooms being too light.
We  purchased a VELUX roof blind for our daughters sky light window, i put off getting one for a while because i was led to believe the blinds would only be available in Black or White!  To my surprise there were many colours available, we got a lovely girly Pink one to match Amelie and Lottie's pink girly bedroom! It did the job perfectly and we found the girls were sleeping a lot better once we had the VELUX blinds fitted. We have been using it for 7 years now and it has never needed replacing and works perfectly. I hear from a friend that these blinds are now available with Disney patterns!


                                                                  Night Lights

My oldest daughter has always been a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes t sleeping in the dark, I hear from other mums that their children like to sleep with a light on. So i don't worry about it too much as i know it is completely normal for children to be scared of the dark! I have never let Amelie sleep with her main light on, we usually result to keeping the hall light on for her until recently, we purchased a night light. It isn't too bright and it gives off the right amount of light needed to reassure little ones that there actually are no monsters hiding in the corner on their room!!!
There are many different types of night lights available to purchase in shops or online. There is one to suit every child i am sure!

As always i would love for readers to share what works for your children?

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  1. i used to leave a light on outside the room so it could shine in a little for reassurance :-) and actualy still do it now even though my kids are 30ish and left home lol xx