Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Children's Room, Decor ideas and Safety Guide

Children's Room. Decor Ideas and Safety Guide


Decorating a child’s room is not the same as how you do the other areas of your home. This space necessitates more care due to the special needs of the child. While it is important to make the room as charming and appropriate for the growing child, it should also be as safe as possible. Children need to have an environment where they can grow comfortably, healthily and safely. For first-time parents, here are some guidelines you can follow when fixing up your kid’s room.

1.       The location is important. When choosing an area for your child’s room, pick one that is within immediate access to yours. It would be great if you can manage to fix up a room which is adjacent to your bedroom but away from the daily traffic of the household and noise from outside. This is strategic and will work well to both the child and to your advantage. You need to be able to reach the room instantly to check up on the child regularly or when they need you. Keeping the room away from noise will ensure that the child will get enough rest without being constantly disturbed.

2.       Be mindful of the design. A kid’s room should always have a good source of light and proper ventilation. Make sure that enough windows are built to allow adequate sunlight to enter without being too disruptive of their comfort. You can hang curtains or other window treatments to control the light that enters in the room but keep in mind to keep the chords away from their reach. Avoid placing windows that are too low which can be easy for the child to climb. Place latches on the windows to prevent them from being opened by the child but easy enough to be opened in case of fire or other emergencies. It is also important to check for proper ventilation for the child’s health.

3.       Choose the furniture well. Children need only a few basic but necessary items. Cribs should have slats no more than 2 3/8 inches apart from each other to prevent the baby’s head or other parts of the body from getting stuck in between, which can cause accidents. Mattresses should be comfortable. For older children, beds should be comfortable and should have safety rails on the sides to prevent them from falling. You can look for appropriate furniture for kids on Shop Mohd. There are many wonderful design furniture to choose from which range from junior tables, chairs and drawers, to name a few. On the other hand, pad sharp edges of furniture to prevent the growing child from hurting himself against them.

4.       Be aware of dangerous materials. Electrical wires must be coiled properly and placed away from their reach. Plugs should be kept covered to avoid electrocution. When choosing the paint for the walls, only utilize those which include no- or low-VOC pigments to prevent the child from inhaling dangerous chemicals. You can also opt to cover the walls in wallpapers with nice prints. Bed linens and other fabrics should also be made of natural fiber to prevent respiratory problems. If you believe that placing carpets is a must, then choose those made from natural fibers such as wool and should be cleaned regularly. Make sure that toys should be big enough to prevent choking. Check here, if you want more tips about preparing your baby's nursery. 


  1. Teaching children to clean their room is a hard work. I take whole day to teach my child and had to paste cute images into my hand car vacuum cleaner for him. So hard!

  2. Hi Laura Simmonds,
    your Children home decorating idea is very good. location choosing, space choosing is very good. But when we talk about children we can not take any risk. always need to take room neat and clean. Thank you for your post.