Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What to do when your toddler has Eczema

n your toddler has eczema, it’s not nice to see. No parent likes to see their child in discomfort, but there are some things you can do to make it better.

Make Sure it is Eczema

The first thing you need to do when you notice the symptoms of eczema - which include dry, cracked, itchy and tender skin - is to get a diagnosis. There are lots of conditions that could explain symptoms usually associated with eczema, so don’t just assume what it is. You need to see a medical profession who will be able to confirm the diagnosis and give you tips and treatments to help. They’ll probably prescribe some cream.

Try to Stick to Normal Bedtime Routines

For children with eczema, sleeping can often be very difficult and uncomfortable. This is not nice to see for parents, but it’s important that you try to keep bedtime routines as consistent as possible. You should use light sheets and keep the room cool to make sleeping as easy as possible for them. Letting them stay up later won’t help at all. When they’re sleeping is when their bodies have the chance to recover from the condition.


Use Moisturiser

Moisturiser is good for both treating and avoiding eczema. When a child’s skin is dry, it’s more likely to flare up with eczema and become flaky. It’s also more likely to become infected with bacteria or a virus when it’s dry. Therefore, find a good moisturising product that’s suitable for use on young children. The one thing you need to avoid though is soap. Soap dries out the skin even more, so don’t make that mistake.

Use Mittens to Stop Scratching

One of the worst things you can do when your child has eczema is to let them scratch their skin. This can make the eczema worse than it was before, so don’t let them do this. It can be pretty hard to stop them from scratching when they’re small though. They’ll just do it instinctively. The only real way to stop them is to use eczema mittens. These are simple mittens that make it impossible for them to scratch their skin.

Adapt Their Diet

In about 1 in 10 eczema cases, the cause of the problem is diet. So, you should adapt their diet for a brief period of time to see if this makes a difference. Dairy foods and citrus fruit and artificial colourings are the ones you need to be careful of. But it’s probably not best to change your child’s diet without talking to a doctor first. So, if you have any concerns, take them to your doctor and discuss changing the diet with them.

Keep Them Cool

When your toddler is hot, it can damage the protective oils on their skin. You need to do all you can to keep them cool at all times when they have eczema. This doesn’t mean making them cold, just avoid letting them get too warm. This applies to bath time as well. You should avoid hot water and use lukewarm water instead. And don’t give them baths too often when they have a skin condition like eczema.

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