Thursday, 3 September 2015

How to Baby Proof your Home

Keeping your home safe for little ones to explore and run about isn't always easy, we could go on forever worrying about what might happen, and with so much baby home safety ware available in shops to confuse us even more!

As a mummy of 3 and a child minder, I obviously have to make sure my house is safe for children and tots, but sometimes i think we can go a little too far with baby safety.
Childminders are now informed that we don't actually need plug socket covers, so why go through the hassle of buying them and having to take them out every time we need to hoover?

Do we really need toilet lid locks? what a hassle it is to unlock it when you have older children desperate for a wee?

Here are the top 3 Baby Safety items that i feel are most important in my home.

1. Safety Baby Gates

Unless you live in a bungalow i don't know how anybody could get by without one of these!
I have always had a baby gate at the top and bottom of my stairs, they are a godsend!
Some people like to use them on kitchen doors too, which is a great idea if you want to get on with cooking the tea without a toddler around your feet.
Baby Gates are available online for around £20

2. Cupboard Locks

These are essential for keeping little ones out of kitchen cupboards, especially the one that you store you kitchen cleaners and bleach in. As a child minder i am required to have cupboard locks but i think all parernts of young children should have them anyway!
Available online for around £3.00

3. Tucked away Blind cords

You may not think blind cords are much of an issue, but if you google how many toddlers and children die from incidents involving blind cords you would realise just how important it is to keep them up high or have safety cords installed in your home.
You can have all your cords fitted to the safety standard by a professional blind fitter for around £80 (depending on how many blinds you have)

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  1. all very true !!!! how did people manage without them x

  2. Totally agree with these three, all very important in my house :)

  3. Hi! Just wondering if you have drawn the winner for this? Thanks :)