Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fisher Price Rollin Ramps Garage Review


 This fantastic toddler toy arrived for review this week just in time for Kier's 2nd Birthday. It is the perfect gift for a 2 year old little boy, especially a little boy like Kier who just loves to play with Cars and anything totally BOYish!

It took me only 5 minutes to put the Garage together which was great, i really can't handle a tantruming toddler when i'm trying to put a toy together!
Kier couldn't wait to get his little hands on it. The garage comes with a little red car and a person to go inside, Kier enjoyed pushing the car down the ramps.
He hasn't yet figured out how to use the lifts but i think he will realise what they are for the more he plays with it.

When the car gets to the middle ramps it starts to pick up speed to when it gets to the bottom ramps it zooms out quite fast along the floor.

The moveable petrol pump is a great feature on this toy! There are 2 buttons near the petrol pumps, when the buttons are pushed you will hear the petrol pumping. Kier loves this! He loves pretending to fill the car with petrol!

Kier likes to place the little man in the car and take him back out again. There is a little lift to take the car up and down to different levels of the Garage, there is also a slot for the little person to take the lift also.

I am loving the Little People Rollin' Ramps Garage, i love watching Kier play with it. It is made from nice chunky plastic and it seems to handle rough toddler play just fine! I am sure we will get a lot of enjoyment out of it :-)


  1. awwwww thats so cute love the petrol pump feature :-)x

  2. I love the look of this , fisher price make such great toys we have the little people house. My son would love this as he is car crazy too x