Wednesday, 16 September 2015

5 great ways to make extra Cash

MONEY - usually we never have enough of it and would love a little extra! Whether you work in full time or part time jobs, self employed or not, maybe you even work 2 or more different jobs? No matter how much you work most people would love to earn some extra cash, specially us busy parents with Christmas on the way!

Here are some useful ideas on how to earn some extra cash :-)

                                  1.  Become a REP - sell products for well known catalogues

Fancy meeting new people in your area as well as trying out great new products and making money at the same time? Yes? Then this is for you!
Catalogue reps such as Avon and other leading companies are always on the lookout for new people to join their team. It is flexible and doesn't take up much time at all. Simply share the brochures with family, friends and neighbours who will place their order through you, collect orders, pay Avon and then pay yourself.  Easy!

Ebay - Sell unwanted things from home

Everybody has unwanted clutter in their homes, whether it be books you will never get around to reading or DVD's you know you will never watch again, or if you are a parent you will have lots of baby/children's clothes and shoes that no longer fit.
what may be rubbish to you could be very much wanted to someone else.
Some people have no choice but to buy used items, some people enjoy buying used items, the more stuff you find to sell the more money you will make.
You can sign up to Ebay as a seller or if you prefer you can find out when your next local Car Boot Sale is.


Become a Secret Shopper

Mystery Shopping has got to be the funnest way to make extra cash!
Get paid to try out Restaurants, Bars, Cafe's, Shops, Gyms, and sometimes even Hotels. All under cover of course!  Now who wouldn't be up for that?
Secret Shopping is something that many people don't know much about but would love to get into. There is a lot of information on the internet for people who are serious about taking it up.

Online surveys - get paid for your opinions

Some people say completing online surveys for cash or gift cards is a great way to make money, others say it takes up a lot of time and doesn't pay well. If you have the time then maybe this is for you? All survey companies pay differently. Some will pay cash directly to your bank or paypal account, others will reward you with tokens which you can save up and later claim your reward.
If you type in "paid online surveys" into Google you will be amazed out how many different sites there are. These sites are looking for people wanting to make some extra cash so why not try a few until you find some that pay you well and that you enjoy.

Home Craft Making and Selling

This is a great and fun way to make money, the only requirement is that you must have a skill for this sort of thing! Some things are easier than others, making greeting cards for example is quite easy and fun and so many people like to buy them. If you are good with a sewing machine why not set up a small business selling from facebook? You could make dolls clothes or even baby clothing. You can buy things to paint and pretty up from Ebay and sell them online. People love home made baby gifts such as wooden letters spelling out Names, or name plaques, maybe even little fairy doors? There is so much you could make and sell from home if you have the time to do it.

These are my top 5 ways to make extra Cash easily.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and as always i would love to hear thoughts from anyone who has already tried any of these :-)

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