Thursday, 20 August 2015

Things every Childs bedroom should have

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably spent a number of hours decorating their bedrooms. Or perhaps you’re thinking of having kids. Whatever situation you’re in, it’ll help you to know the things every child’s bedroom should have. Read on to find out more!

A Calming Wallpaper/Paint

If your child’s wallpaper or paint is too stimulating for them, they’re not going to be able to get to sleep. Colours like red can be far too energetic, and encourage them to stay awake when you want it the least. Use colours like green and blue to chill them out more, so they’re ready to sleep when the time comes!

An Inviting Bed

Making their bed inviting for them should stop them from fighting sleep too much and encourage them to get in it. You might even find that they are asking you to go to bed, rather than you having to force them! You could have a princess bed for your daughter or a race car bed for your son, for instance. There are lots of other choices too, depending on your budget!

A Night Light

A night light or something that glows will help your child feel at ease when sleeping alone. They might be fine with the light off, but at least the option is there for them. It can also be good if they like to read at bedtime, which is much better for them than watching TV.

A Clock

Although your child may not be able to tell the time, a clock will help them to see how a routine works. They’ll be more likely to learn how to tell the time at an earlier age too if they find themselves seeing a clock often enough.


As mentioned before, kids should read before bedtime to help them relax. Books can also help their development. Make sure they have a selection of books to read and look at when they need them. You could even get them their own bookshelf, suggest Wise Move Furniture. Start their collection while they’re young!

Something Snuggly

Kids like to snuggle up to things, so make sure they have something snuggly to go to sleep with. Maybe a comfort blanket, or maybe a stuffed toy. Let them choose!

Something They’ve Made

Having something they’ve made on display in their room can give them a real sense of achievement. Maybe you should display something they’ve painted, or something that they made. This will also add a personal touch to their space!

Something They’ve Chosen

Sometimes, parents get so wrapped up in decorating, they don’t even consider what their kids want. Let them have a little say in their bedroom. Include something they’ve chosen. Discuss colours and themes with them. The more input they have, the better!

These things should be present in every child’s bedroom, so make sure you have them in yours. They’ll love spending time in their bedrooms if you do, and you won’t have to force them to go to bed. Thanks for visiting!

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