Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Rainy Day Fun with Baker Ross


This week it has not been so sunny in lovely sunny Devon. Unfortuantly there isn't really much for a family of 5 to do without spending a small fortune. Amelie and Lottie are always happy to stay in, they love nothing more than watching tv, playing with their toys, or getting crafty in the Kitchen.
Today we have decided to open our box of goodies from Baker Ross, we were saving it for a Rainy day!

The girls and Kier were delighted with their new messy mat from Baker Ross, the old one was starting to look very tatty!  They each created their own Music Shaker using pens and Foam stickers.
This kept them entertained for a good 20 minutes and then they played with them for a further 10 minutes!

Next we each created our own Solar System scratch Art. Kier really didn't get the hang of this but Amelie and Lottie loved creating their own colourful patterns.
Once the girls had finished they attached the colour ribbon to their scratch art and we pinned it up in their rooms.

As always the children enjoyed creating new things with Baker Ross products. It is most definitely our favourite rainy day activity!

                                                 Solar System Scratch Art - £2.99
                                                             Splash Mat - £2.99
                                                      Weather Foam Stickers - £2.99
                                                            Musical Shakers - £3.49

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