Thursday, 13 August 2015

My tips for getting reluctant kids washed and bathed

Making it a Game
Maybe your child doesn’t like being bathed because they’d much rather be playing. If this is the reason then they clearly have never experienced how much fun washing can be! You can make bath time less boring for the kids in so many different ways. Bath toys are inexpensive and can be found in plenty of stores. In fact, I recently did a review of this tug boat for bath time. Failing that, make use of things around the home. Who didn’t play with pots, pans and measuring jugs when they were younger? Tell them they’re pirates or mermaids. Whatever encourages them to get in that bath.

A Rewarding Experience
Turn washing and bathing into a fun game, that has its own rewards. There are plenty of different ways parents like to encourage or praise their children. Work out how you can incorporate this into bath time. Maybe a tantrum-free wash equals a gold star on the chart? Maybe if they brush their teeth for a week they’ll get an ice cream? Let them feel in control of their own washing and reward them for doing it right. It will help them feMost kids I know love bathtime. They love the idea of splashing around in the water and blowing bubbles. The fact that they’re washing doesn’t even occur to them. However, I know that for some parents, bathtime can be a nightmare. Any kind of washing can be almost impossible, in fact! It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to brush their teeth or get them bathed; some children are reluctant to do it. It doesn't have to be a constant battle, though. Here are my tricks for getting reluctant kids washed and bathed.

Ignore the Tantrums
This is one of the hardest things to do, but also one of the most important. If you’ve got toddlers then this may be one of the things you’re currently learning to handle. Tantrums! If your child kicks up a fuss when it’s time to wash then just walk away. The more you give them attention, the more they’ll do it. Once all is settled it’s time to try again. It’s okay not to bathe your child every single day, so don’t be afraid to skip a day if it’s too much drama.

Find the Issue
Why doesn’t your child like washing? Maybe they don’t like the feeling of being wet or even the smell of the shampoo. Calmly ask your child what it is that puts them off bathing. It could be a really simple answer, with a really simple solution. For instance, they simply don’t like the towel you use to dry them. Easy solution? Buy one with their favourite character on. As soon as you’ve found out the source of the issue, it will be a lot easier to manage.
el a lot more grown-up, too.

Remember, you’re not the only person who is struggling to get their child washed and bathed. In fact, there are millions of parents on this planet trying to do the same thing! You know what your kids react best too, so use the same tactics you normally would. With a few of these handy tips, for good measure.

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