Monday, 6 July 2015

New Shoes all round

 We were recently given the opportunity to choose some new Shoes for all 3 children from ShoeZone.
My girls are very girly girls and love nothing more than choosing new clothes and shoes.
We got the website up and had a look what lovely shoes we liked best, the girls both loved the Frozen canvas shoes, but didn't want to choose the same pair. Luckily there were 2 different colour Frozen shoes! Amelie chose the dark Blue pair and Lottie chose the Lilic pair.
Kier really wasn't too fussed about choosing his own Shoes so we picked some out for him.

The shoes arrived a week later, the girls tried them on and did some modeling!

Amelie was very happy with her shoes, she said they were very comfortable and fit just right.
Lottie also liked her shoes, although they are a tiny bit too big for her, she will grow into them soon.


Kier's skull and crossbone shoes are really cute! They are much too big for him at the moment but will fit him soon and i'm sure he will look fantastic in them!

The children and i are really happy with the shoes. Amelie has been wearing hers for a while now and they are still in really great condition. This is why we love Shoe Zone shoes :-)


  1. I love those Frozen shoes.....Adorable!

  2. I'm loving the Skull and Crossbone shoes, I have a one year little boy and their the sort of thing I could imagine him wearing when he is older

  3. Cute I love shoes zone they prices are great