Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Great Gizmo's Bath time Tug Boat Review

 As many of you will know by now, we really like Boat's in our family! Kier has a lot of Boats to play with at Bath time but there is always room for more!

 We were more than happy to review a new Bath time Tug Boat!
This lovely boat from Great Gizmo's is great. It is a strong and very sturdy toy that will last for a while! It isn't too heavy but not a light weight toy either. I like how chunky it is, perfect for little

The tug Boat is red with a separate life buoy to attach onto the middle. Kier loves placing it on and taking it back off again. He has a selection of water animals that he likes to put in the Boat, they each have a turn to sail! It's very cute to watch him playing with as he enjoys it so much.

On the sides of the Boat there is some rubber lining. Water cannot get inside the Boat meaning it will never sink! Kier has chosen to play with his new Tug Boat every bath time, he just loves it.
This Boat is now one of Kier's favourite bath toys, we also take it with us when we go swimming each week, it sails very well in the swimming pool!

Available from Great Gizmos priced £16.95

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