Monday, 29 June 2015

The Good Life Guide's Lullaby Star Cube review

 I love the idea of my child listening to calming Lullaby's and watching little star's project onto the ceiling as he drifts off to sleep. Unfortunately Kier never had a light projector as a little baby, we did have one for the girls and had it in the cupboard ready for Kier if he needed it, but he has always been so good at falling asleep by himself.

Now Kier is 22 months old and has no trouble at all going to sleep until recently, this week he has been suffering with a sore throat and ears and hasn't really been settling at bedtime!
As a matter of fact, he has been screaming his head off every time he is put in his cot!

I tried everything to settle Kier but nothing seemed to work, then I remembered i had recently been sent a lovely little light projector, a Lullaby Star Cube from The Good Life Guide.
I found it in the cupboard and put the batteries in and drew the curtains then we tried it out. Kier loved watching the stars all around the room, he was amazed by it as he had never seen one before.
I left it on and put him back into his cot, he was much happier and soon fell asleep!


This little light projector is perfect, it does exactly what its meant to do. The buttons on the front control whether you want lights with or without sound and if you prefer lullaby or nature sounds, the choice is yours! A fantastic product from The Good Life and  at £14.99 you can't really go wrong!

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  1. This looks great and such a good price too. My toddler and baby would love something like this in their bedroom x