Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Ideas for a Bedroom perfect for Imaginative Play

When you have three kids, like I do, you're always looking for new ways to keep them entertained. But part of helping the children to be happy and learn new things is making sure they can keep themselves occupied. As much as I love my kids, sometimes I have things to do, and they need to find ways to have fun on their own. Whether they play solo or have a good time with siblings or friends, children need to learn how to use their imaginations to entertain themselves. It helps if they have lots of tools they can use to play with, whether it's toys or just things from around the house. I've been thinking about what would make a good bedroom for kids to play in unsupervised.

Space to Work

Even though kids often love rolling around on the floor or jumping about, I think they need somewhere to sit quietly too. If they love doing arts and crafts, a desk in their room is perfect to help them get on with it on their own. You might not want to give them scissors and some of the messier stuff to play with. But they can always do some colouring, drawing or writing practice without you watching over them. A desk and chair that are just the right size for them would be perfect.

Magical Beds

If I could create the perfect fun kid's bedroom, I would pick one of the amazingly creative children's beds you can find in lots of places. Instead of just a plain bed, you can get all sorts of shapes to turn the bedroom into a fantasy land. You can buy them shaped like castles, buses, tents or even houses. Every child would have so much fun in them, whether they were playing or just sitting quietly. But it might be hard to get them to stop playing when bedtime arrives!


Lots of Storage

My little boy is just beginning to understand how to put toys away when he's finished playing with them. Some children can take a long time to learn this precious skill - and some adults never learn it! So that you can give your kids plenty to play with but not have toys all over the floor, decent storage is essential. It's difficult to make storage fun, but you can find lots of bright patterns and shapes, so even the boxes can become toys (just as long as they get put away after).

Chalkboard Walls

For an entirely radical idea, it would be a lot of fun to turn at least one wall into a giant chalkboard. The kids will be utterly confused when you tell them they can draw on the walls. But you might have to worry about a confusion between the bedroom and all the walls they aren't allowed to draw on. So this idea is probably best for older kids.

Imaginative and creative play is fun for kids to engage in. And it's even better when they can do it on their own, so you can get some other stuff done.

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