Friday, 19 May 2017

Cruising Holidays - why I choose to Cruise



I  have always been fascinated with Ships, ever since my early teens when I first saw Titanic! I have always wanted to board a huge Ship. When I turned 30 my dreams came true when my parents booked a Cruise for me and Matt. I was so excited and didn't really know what to expect, but I had heard so much about the ship I was going on!

A little while back we finally set sail on our first cruise,  Royal Carribean's Independence of the Seas, a magnificent Ship! We were amazed when we saw the Ship docked in Southampton, we couldn't wait to board!! After sorting out our Sea pass cards we were finally able to board the Ship! We explorered for a few hours before going to find our cabin, we did get lost quite a lot as the Ship was so huge, but with the help of the maps and electronic room finder it wasn't difficult to get back on track.
Our cruise was 6 days long, the perfect amount of time for us cos we didn't want to be away from the children for too long! We visited La Harve in France, Bilbao and Gijon in Spain. All lovely places to visit, but for me the best part of our holiday was being onboard the Ship. We spent one of those 6 days being at sea all day which I just loved! There was exra entertainment and a poolside BBQ!

We got to experience a different Theatre show every night, fine dining every evening with the option of grabbing a Pizza at 2am if we wished! (Which we did every night after a few drinks at the bars!)
The best thing was getting to wear some amazing outfits and even having some child-free time to actually apply my make up nicely and even apply some fake eyelashes! I don't get to do this enough and it was amazing!

We loved the freedom of being able to visit bars and clubs without the worry of getting home safely!
We even tried out the casino, something I have never done before! Unfortunately we didn't win any big money but had fun trying!!
As well as Pools and Whirlpools, Flo rider, Mini Golf, Rock climbing and night time entertainment and fine dining there is also a Ice rink on board! A full sized ice rink used for fun as well as Spectacular Ice Skating Shows!

 One of my favourite things about this Ship is what they call The Royal Promenade (also known as The Street). The middle of the ship which has shops each side  and even a Pub! Each night there is a different theme and some nights even a street party!

Not forgetting Formal Evening with the Captain. We were lucky enough to be sailing with a very young and rather dishy Captain!

Sadly I have not yet cruised with any other cruise lines yet but we will hope to soon!

Although I really do rate Royal Carribean as a fantastic Cruise Line for people around my age i will admit there is a down side! Royal Carribean are probably one of the most expensive cruise lines around, after paying a fortune for your cruise you will still need to pay for shuttle buses when you arrive at destinations (or walk for free!) and pay gratuities.

I don't know much about P&O Cruise line but i have heard great things about them, especially for people with young families. However I have also heard some not so good things about them from my sister who sailed with them last year.

Cunard is the worlds leading Cruise Line. This week I was lucky enough to be in my hometown Liverpool to welcome the 3 Queens on Cunards 175th Annivesary.
After this event i am thinking it is time for me to experience what other Cruise lines have to offer and i am thinking Cunard will be the one!

There are many other cruise lines offering fantastic deals, some are well known  Cruise lines and some I have never heard of! To browse cruise deals now visit or Iglu


  1. Reading this brought back memories of my cruise with Royal Caribbean last year, glad you enjoyed it so much! I didn't have a great time for various reasons but we were in a completely different region and different ship (the caribbean). I'm going to give it another go this year with Princess as I've heard great things about them.

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