Sunday, 28 June 2015

a week without Internet

 After a whole week without internet, we are back!!  I feel like a lot has happened in that 1 week, and of course I have SOOOO much work to do and very late reviews to go live.
But before I start posting those, lets have a catch up!
Heres what's been happening in my world!

The Dreaded Ofsted Visit
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Something i have really not been looking forward to for months is my Ofsted Visit for my childminding job. I have only ever had a safety visit, never an inspection!
I've been quite nervous about it and spent so much time getting my paperwork in order.
Now it is all done and i can forget about it for 4 years! I am pleased to say I got rated as "good" which is what i was hoping for. The inspection really wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be and i felt it went
really well :-)

Kier's new Hair 'do

As my regular readers will know, my little cutie Kier has always had his hair long, kind of like Nick from the Backstreet Boys style back in the 90's!!
A little out dated yes, but it was super cute and i am quite sad to say... the hair had to go!!!
Not really by choice!  We had to get his hair cut because i made a HUGE mistake cutting it and it was really wonky and looked very VERY bad! So i took Kier to a top hair salon and ask them to cut it shorter but long enough on top to gel it up so he can still look like a little surfer dude!!



It took a few days for me to get used to Kier's new 'do but i am now loving it! I think he really suits it and still looks as cute as ever. The only annoying thing is his hair grows very fast, so i will have to take him to get it cut every 3 weeks. Argh!!!

House up for Sale!
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This week we have put our house on the market. We have seen a house near to the girls new school that we really like. However it is a little out of our price range so we are hoping our house will sell quick and we may be able to buy the house we like, if not we will keep looking for our affordable "dream" house.
At the moment it is all very surreal to me as i never moved house as a child. When the time comes it will be very emotional for us all as this was our first family home and our children's first home too!

It has been a very busy week for me! I'm hoping next week i will get some chill out time and have plenty of time to catch up with my blog work :-) hopefully we will have a competition next week so please look out for that too :-)

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