Thursday, 11 June 2015

a Guide to Keeping Kids Hydrated and Healthy with Kids Zinger

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 During the Summer months it is important to remember our children will need more fluids to keep Hydrated and Healthy. Babies can't tell you when they are thirsty, so be sure to offer them a drink of water regularly.
School children should always take a Water Bottle with them in their bag as well as a drink in their lunch bag. Don't rely on your child drinking regularly from the Water fountain in the playground.

My children only ever drink Squash, they are occasionally allowed to have Coca Cola but no more than once a week, usually on our Friday night Film night. My fussy lot don't like Water, they would never drink it if I offered it to them at home, however they will drink it at School or at their Ballet lessons!

As all mums probably do, I worry that my children aren't drinking enough healthy fluids and don't eat as much Fruit and Veg as they should.
I once bought Disney Princess smoothies in a carton but they didn't like that either. It never crossed my mind to make our own smoothies until I was asked to review a Zinger!

The Zinger is a smart little Water bottle with a pop up straw, it can be used for Water, Squash or you can add your own flavors to the Water by adding Citrus fruit! My older daughter Amelie doesn't like any citrus Fruit, but she loves using Oranges and Lemons to make yummy juicy water in her Zinger! It's great to know she is getting a source of these important vitamins thanks to one little Bottle!

The kids Zinger is smaller than the Adults Zinger and is of course more kid friendly, using a rounded citrus press tip to avoid injury.

We often use ours for packed lunches and at the weekend when we have more time the kids love to experiment making different kinds of yummy juice. Easy to use and plenty of enjoyment for the little ones. One of the best things i have reviewed this year!

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About the Kids Zinger

Simply unscrew the bottom cup to expose the citrus press. With the cap on, turn the Kid Zinger on its head and twist / press your citrus halves into the bottle. Leave the citrus inside for extra Zing and replace and tighten the bottom cup. Fill with tap water and add ice if required, replace cap and shake it up. That’s it, your citrus infused water is ready to enjoy. The bottle is:

ü  Reusable - so helps reduce landfill waste
ü  Easy to carry with a handy finger hole within the cap
ü  Easy to fill through the wide opening, large enough to add ice if desired
ü  Non-leaching and toxin-free
ü  Made from high-quality food-grade Tritan BPA and EA free plastic
ü  Dishwasher Safe
ü  Safe to use with still and pressure tested to take carbonated water

Where to Buy? Costs £14.99 from and includes FREE UK delivery.

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