Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mirror mirror on the Wall....

 Who actually is the fairest one of all? Is it me?!

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I was recently asked to review a beautiful LED Pebble Grey mirror for my Bathroom (review coming soon) and also write a "Love Yourself" post, focusing on looking in the mirror and seeing the good things about yourself and forgetting about the flaws.
As busy parents juggling family life and jobs, this is something that we would NEVER dream of doing, and if we do get chance to look in the mirror, chances are you aren't going to like what you see, or at least you think you don't.  Like myself you think there is always something you could improve on.

Maybe if we all took a moment to sit down in front of a mirror and focus on what we do like about ourselves rather than focusing on the negative things it would really help us and make us realise that it doesn't really matter if we haven't had time to straighten our hair today, if our roots need doing, or if we have some Grey hairs coming through!! So what! Lets take a moment to look deep within ourselves and look for the good positive things!

Today I looked in the Mirror and thought about why I am a good person. Here is what I came up with.

1. Being a good Parent
This is probably the most important thing to me. Our children depend on us to help them bring out the best in themselves. I make sure the children have everything they need, i make sure they are fed properly and have enough attention and feel important to our family.
I know that I have achieved this and I am a good Mother to my children.

2. Being honest and kind
I am the kind of person who hates seeing people struggle, if there is an older person struggling with something that I could help them with then I gladly will, if there is a child who has fallen over in the park and is crying then I am the kind of person who will help them find their parent.
I am also very honest, sometimes probably too honest for my own good, but I am happy with that so thats what matters mostly.

3. Trying my best and not giving up too easily
No matter what it is (unless it's my Daughters maths homework!) I will always do my best and stick at it. Giving up doesn't get you anywhere in life and i am glad to be the kind of person who tries very hard to succeed at whatever i am trying to achieve. Sure i get stressed out with things, who doesn't? As i always say to my children "if at first you don't succeed, try again!"

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sometimes we look in the mirror and we're so preoccupied with how our faces are changing that we don't really think about how were growing and changing into the person we want to be.

Being a mummy of 3 i am hoping that as my kids grow up into young adults that will reflect on personal and spiritual growth, kindness and compassion, not just how they look.
i will always try to teach them that beauty isn't only skin deep :-)

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  1. such a lovely post laura inner beauty more important than outer beauty but you are one of the lucky ones that has both :-) and your little ones are a credit to you keep up the good work xx