Monday, 18 May 2015

Lets get Creative with Plasticine

 Plasticine.... What better way is there to spend a rainy weekend with the kids?!
Amelie and Lottie were delighted when this parcel arrived on our doorstep!

The girls just loved seeing what they could make out of Plasticine. It kept them busy for hours!
They enjoyed moulding different colours together to make new colours, something that you can't do with Play-doh!
What also makes Plasticine fantastic is that it doesn't dry out! So you can use it again and again even if it's left out. Craft activities is my favorite thing to do with the children. I had so much fun making plasticine models with them :-)

We haven't yet introduced the plasticine to Kier, just because i'm afraid he may eat it!! In a few months or so we will give it a go! We felt a bit bad on him missing out on all the fun, so we made a Plasticine Kier!

Plasticine is great affordable indoor fun. All families with young children should own some!
Guaranteed fun all round!

Plasticine Packs available:

Funtubulous - £6.99
Basix – £0.99
Fluro – £1.99
colourmax - £2.99
Squidgems - £1.49


  1. love it !!!! great to see its back :-) theres no end of fun with this :-0 xxxx

  2. Aw looks fab, I nearly picked some plasticine up for Sienna today! Wish I had now :) x