Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lassig Changing Bag Review

 As a Mummy of 3 I have owned a few Baby Changing Bags in my life time! With Amelie I owned about 2 or 3, as she was my first Baby I went a bit crazy and she had more than 1 of most things!
Lottie had mostly things handed down from Amelie, but I do remember having a new changing bag for her.
Kier has never really had an impressive Changing bag. We have always got by with a small one which was given to me by my sister. Now that he is getting older I shouldn't really need a big changing bag for him, but I find that I do! I still need to carry nappies and wipes around with me, Kier's juice, a spare changing of clothes as he is such a messy boy. I always pack some Socks in my bag for all 3 kids and myself because I am so tired of buying new socks at the local Ball Pond because i forget to bring some and in the Summer the children arn't wearing any! If we are going on a big day out i also bring juice and snacks for the girls as well as Kier.
So it's pretty understandable that a Mummy of 3 needs a big bag!!

I was delighted to be asked to review a lovely very smart looking Changing bag from Lassig. I was given the choose between quite a few different styles. It was a very tough decision to make!
I mean, just look at these Bags!

I love this bag from the Lassig Vintage Collection!

This Green Label Choco Malange backpack would be perfect for when I am out with all the children as it would free me hands!

CAS_F13_LTOB145_P001 (1)
I love this Casual collection dubarry tote Bag as i could use it for the days when I am lucky enough to be child free!!!

 As you can see it really was a tough decision. So tough that I asked my sister for help deciding!
She thought this Bag would suit me really well.

                 Lassig Neckline Shoulder Changing Diaper Bag Green Label Solid

I was really happy with the Bag when it arrived. I couldn't wait to fill it was all my essentials!
The bag is very stylish yet it serves the purpose you need it to. It is SO comfortable to wear and I love how it can be adjusted to fit any size. The bag attaches onto the Pram nice and easily with its two carabiner hooks.

The interior is the best thing about this Bag! Inside the main compartment there are 3 pockets with zips. Perfect for your important bits and pieces like mobile phone, cash cards, keys.
There is elasticated pockets which is great to keep Nappies together, I find it stops them from getting all bunched up!
On the front of the bag there are another 2 compartments as well as an insulated bottle holder pocket. As well as all this the bag also has a small accessory bag, an extra wet purse and a key holder. Not forgetting the antibacterial changing bag which is the perfect size for abby and for storing inside the bag easily.
This is the best Changing bag I have ever owned. Is isn't too bulky and it isn't too heavy, it isn't awkward to carry like some changing bags I have owned can be!

Here are some more details about the Changing bag.

  • Environmentally friendly bag with style - with many practical details
  • Can be adjusted to suit any size
  • Very easy to attach onto the pram
  • Extremely stable double-handle can be carried over the shoulder
  • Proportions of bag: 43 x 14 x 43 cm
  • Included waterproof/bacteria-proof changing mat
  • Included insulated holder
  • Included accessory bag
  • Material: 100% recycled PET
  • Care and cleaning: For hand washing

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  1. ooooh very nice and love the handle on that one :-) x