Friday, 15 May 2015

Kier's New Shoes

  After having 2 girls, i really wasn't looking forward to choosing new Shoes for Kier.
  I loved going shoe shopping with the girls, always choosing the prettiest, pinkest, girliest shoes I could get     my hands on! So shopping for Boys shoes was not something i was looking forward to!

 When Kier eventually started taking steps at 17 months I decided it was time to buy some real shoes as the soft baby shoes were not much use anymore.
 We bought Kier his first pair of Shoes and also purchased some very stylish Vans from Ebay.
They were cute but didn't stay clean for very long as when Kier crawled in his shoes they started to scuff at the front!

We were recently asked if we would like to review some Start-Rite shoes. We have never tried them before and as i got to choose a pair i liked i thought it would be a great idea!
I got to choose from a lovely selection of shoes.


The shoes were all lovely, in fact they were some of the nicest Boys shoes I have seen around.
The choosing part wasn't easy!

I decided to go with these Shoes for Kier, the Super Soft Sam shoes! I loved the colour as they would match most of Kier's clothes, and I love the Green and Blue stitching.

We tried them on as soon as they arrived. They fit Kier perfectly and he found them very comfortable. They are easy to put on a fidgety baby, unlike the last pair of shoes he had!
I liked how snug and comfortable they were on his feet, they are light weight shoes so they don't trip him up like some shoes do.
Best of all, they haven't yet scuffed on the front!

Even after a long day out at the Farm, Kier's new shoes still look new! We have given them a wipe when they start to look dirty which makes them look nice and clean again.

Start-rite shoes are fantastic quality long lasting shoes, perfect for little feet. I would definitely go with the brand again.
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  1. gorgeous shoes for a gorgeous boy :-) you can not put a price on comfy well fitting shoes xx