Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ideas for a Toddlers Bedroom

 This day and age, a toddlers bedroom can be quite tricky to keep tidy. Toys now are so big and bulky, cot beds take up a lot of space. If your child only has a small bedroom it can be a real struggle to find somewhere for toys to go.

Kier is now 18 months old, we have decorated his room in a Nautical theme. It is painted baby blue with a Border going through the middle of the walls.

Toy Storage

Toys take up a lot of space, whether they are big or small they are going to need to go somewhere!
The Bear Hug Stacking Storage boxes from the Hello Home range are ideal for storing toys.
They are made from wood with a canvas material middle. They are very strong and sturdy. Ideal for storing toys or books. As well as being very useful they are also a beautiful feature to the bedroom, giving the room that cute baby look about it.
The best thing about these boxes are how easy they are to assemble.  Like most things that arrive flat pack, i really dreaded putting them together! I was able to do it all by myself in about 20 minutes!

The boxes also work well for older children's bedrooms. Kier recently had to say goodbye to the Pink bear box as his sister decided she needed it for her room to store her story books in!

  • Tested to highest safety standards
  • Easy build instructions
  • 3 Bears design

Bear Hug Storage is available from Very - £53.00

All Aboard!


Kier loves to independently take toys out of the storage boxes, and he is now starting to understand that when we are finished playing we put the toys back in the boxes, which is a great thing to teach a toddler!!!

Thomas the Tank is one of Kier's favourite characters. I thought it would be nice to add a little Thomas something to his room, but nothing too major as I don't want to come away from the Nautical theme!
We are loving this Thomas the Tank Wall art from ReadyRoom  specially designed for toddlers bedrooms. The thomas face lights up with the clap of your hands, and continues to glow for 2 minutes, which sadly Kier hasn't seen yet as it is still light when he goes to bed. Hopefully he will get to see it glow in the winter months!

Available to buy from Argos pricedabl £19.99

More Details -

  • A Thomas the Tank Engine sound activated light that sticks to the wall and is battery operated.
  • Expansive art vinyls, a easy and cost effective way to make a big difference that they will love.
  • Boost up the fun factor fast with 50 easy application stickers.
  • High quality, specialist vinyl material is long lasting and straight forward to remove if required.
  • Suitable from 3 years.
  • Batteries required 3 x AAA (not included).
  • EAN: 5013138651148.

Finishing Touches

A toddler's room is not complete without a few frames to add some character to the room. Kier and I were delighted to receive this Personalized Illustrated name frame from Forever Bespoke.
It is really special because he has such an unusual name, this really is the only thing he has with his name on.
It's a really beautiful finishing touch to the Bedroom and I think he will have it up until he is at least 9 or 10!

  • Dimensions of frame: 49 x 21 cm
  • The bespoke white frame will tie in with any décor- fit in well with a girl or boy bedroom colour scheme.
  • Every illustration is unique even if the child has some of the same letters in their name (like 2 e's for example, one will be 'Entertaining Elephant' the other 'Elegant Emu'.)

    available to buy online Priced £39.99


  1. great room ideas love the storage boxes and the thomas light and love the idea of getting kier to tidy up lol :-) xx

  2. Great room ideas I love the name print

  3. Wonderful ideas, Laura! The teddy bear storage boxes are so cute!