Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fun Family Days out in Cornwall

Nothing beats a good family day out while on Holiday does it?
We recently took the children on a long weekend holiday to Cornwall, something we do every April/May.
We stayed in a beautiful Lakeside Lodge. Although there was plenty of children's entertainment on site, we thought it might be nice to take the children out and about in Cornwall too.

After googling some fun family days out in Cornwall on my iphone, I came across Oasis Fun Pools in Newquay. Very close by to where we were staying and a great day out for a very rainy day.

We arrived at Hendra Holiday Park to visit the Pool, it was quite busy as it was a Sunday. That didn't matter too much as the indoor pool was very large. There was plenty of space to swim and splash about.

                                                             Pictures supplied by Hendra Holiday Park

Unfortunately we didn't get to play in the outdoor pool as the weather was too bad.
The children didn't seem to mind, with giant taps and waterfalls in the Indoor pool, there was plenty to keep them all occupied!

The toddler pools were just the right temperature, Kier spent most of his time in here. He was delighted with the toys floating around in the water.
Lottie and Amelie also loved playing in the smaller pools but then wanted to explore the larger pool with their daddy. I was hoping Amelie would be brave enough to have a go on the 265ft super Flume, but sadly she wasn't up for it! The children all had great fun and we found it very hard to get the children out of the pool when it was time to go home. A problem we often have when they are having so much fun!

One thing i usually really dislike about swimming is the changing rooms. There is nothing worse than a soaking wet room which is often crowded with soggy people and screaming kids. The changing rooms at Oasis were a lot more chilled out and cleaner than I have seen in other swimming pools.
Even though it was very busy there were still plenty of lockers and large changing rooms with baby changing facilities available.

The children had a great time at the Oasis pools and we definitely made the most of a very rainy day :-)

After a very wet Sunday we were hoping the Sun would shine on Monday so we could enjoy some time on the Beach. Unfortunately the sun didn't shine, but it wasn't raining either. We headed of the Cornwall's Crealy adventure Park. I had heard a lot about Crealy but we had never been before so we were all very excited.

We were greeted by the very friendly staff there and the children were each given a cuddly Dina toy as a thank you for reviewing the Park.
We went through to the park and decided to head indoors to the Soft Play area as the children were feeling a little chilly. They played in the soft play area for a whole hour and a half followed by some very yummy lunch at the Cafe.

After they had all warmed up we headed out again to find some Rides. The first Ride we came across was the Wave Rider. It looked so fun but the children didn't fancy this one (they are very wimpy kids!)

The next Ride we found was the Pony express. The girls liked the look of this one. They had 2 goes as they liked it so much! Matt and I got to have a go too! :-)

Kier was too little to ride on the Pony Express, so after that we went to find some rides that he could enjoy too. We found the land of Swampy and Dina perfect for all 3 of the children. The rides were big, bright and colourful. They all looked so fun! First we had a ride of Swampy's Sky Ride, which is a cute little Ferris wheel. Kier just loved this, his face lit up when we starting moving.
Next we had a go of Dizzy Dina, a bouncy ride that could fit myself and the 3 children on, I love these kinds of Rides. Kier loved the "bouncy" sound effects that went with the Ride.
Swampy and Dina land was my favourite part of Crealy, we went back there later on and had more Rides!

 Next to Swampy and Dina land is a row of little Cottage style houses, we went over to see what was inside them. The children were delighted to see that the houses were each filled with fun soft play equipment.
The first house was done out with a little kitchen and some stairs leading up to a soft play bed!
The next house had a climbing wall which Amelie loved! The last house we went inside had a large soft play area and Ball pool with a ball blower, they all had so much fun in the little Houses!

 After all that playing we then went on to find some really cool Slides. There are so many different play areas dotted around the Park. The Pirate Fun park looked amazing, definitely something Kier will enjoy when he is older. The girls found some curly tube slides which at first they wouldn't go on, but when they eventually did, we couldn't get them off!

After hours of fun in the Park, we went off to find some Animals. The girls loved looking around the Crocodile Corner, they were amazed by the HUGE snake.
It was very lovely but I was glad to be out of the Reptile zone and keen to head over to the fury Animal part! There we saw some Rabbits, Goats, Guinea Pigs, Birds and we even got to cuddle some very tiny Ducklings!

Crealy Adventure Park was fantastic! The best Theme Park we have ever been to and we will without a doubt be returning next time we are looking for a fun day out on a dry day :-)

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