Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cupnard 175th Anniversary at Liverpool

This week I was lucky enough to be in my hometown of Liverpool to celebrate Cunards 175th Anniversary.
I have spent 3 days down at Liverpool docks to welcome each Ship and experience seeing all 3 Queens sail in formation together with Red Arrows flying over head.
Then back later in the evening for a projection show on the 3 Graces as well as a Firework display over Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria.
The whole event was spectacular and i am so glad i got to experience it with my children!

 On Sunday we welcomed the first Ship Queen Mary, she looked magnificent in the dock! It was a great sight. I  brought Kier along to see but he wasnt too bothered! He loved watching the man in the water doing some amazing tricks!

 On Monday we took the children over to the Docks again to see all 3 Ships doing their formation.
It was very busy and freezing! The kids were really not interested so we took them over to a near by Soft play centre where they all had lots of fun!

 Later that evening my dad drove me into town to see the projections on the 3 graces followed by Fireworks. Town was so busy, there were Cunard merchandise stands and a continental food festival.
It was amazing! I then watched Queen Elizabeth leave the city, a really amazing sight!

On Tuesday me, mum and dad and the kids went back to the docks once again to wave goodbye to the last remaining Ship, Queen Victoria.
The musical farewell had a great atmoshere, the children loved waving their flags and seeing the people on board waving flags back to us.
The ship then let out thousands of Black and Red balloons and confetti.
Just amazing!! :-)

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