Monday, 25 May 2015

Creating Chocolate Treats...Lottie Style!

Today we decided to experiment with Chocolate! 

We were kindly sent a Chocolate Bar making kit called Make A Bar chocolate factory creative kits. We have had a similar chocolate making kit before but i really didn't get on with it!

 Amelie and Lottie and myself made some beautiful creations - The pack contains 3 bags of Chocolate, 1 plastic mould and some stencils but you can make your own stencils if you wish to personalize your Bar. 

We melted the bags of chocolate by putting them in a bowl of warm water, we left them for 5 minutes while Lottie chose which stencil she wanted.

I cut open the first bag of Chocolate and helped Lottie start her picture in the mould.
She chose a Butterfly which luckily was nice and easy!!

Next we started to fill the inside of our butterfly with the melted white chocolate. Lottie was able to do this without much help which she was very happy about!

After she had used all the Chocolate we gave the mold a gentle shake to even out the Chocolate.

Last we filled the rest of the mould with the third bag of chocolate. This was nice and easy to do and Lottie enjoyed it so much, she asked if the Chocolate bar was ready to eat!

I explained to her that we needed to put the Chocolate bar in the fridge to go solid.

Lottie was happy with that and after a half hour the Chocolate bar was ready. She tried it out right away and was very pleased with how well it turned out!

The Chocolate bar is larger than an average size chocolate bar, more like a king size bar.
A handmade Chocolate bar by your child would make a really thoughtful gift this Fathers Day.
Amelie has decided to save her Chocolate bar kit to make for Daddy for a Fathers day treat.

Make a Bar chocolate Factory is available to purchase at toys r us from June 1st.

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  1. Ohh now that looks like great fun! It would be really great for fathers day :) x