Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tell it Like it is!

It's been a while since I wrote a Wednesday update on what we have been up to, I am going to try to keep up with these posts and write one at least every 2 weeks!

As most of you know, just before Easter we welcomed a new member into our Family, my beautiful baby nephew Noah Reve, 2nd child to Miss Sparkles.
Amelie, Lottie and Kier all love their new cousin very much! He has been spoilt with lots of kisses and cuddles from them all, and i'm looking forward to buying some "Baby's 1st Christmas" stuff next Christmas!!

If you caught the last 2 Update posts you will know about our School Appeals we went through and how we were desperate to get our children into a better school. If you missed it you can catch up here.

After losing the appeal for the school we wanted our girls to go to we then applied for another school, also an Outstanding school but a little further away.
We managed to get Amelie a place in that school but we were told we would have to appeal for Lottie as the Reception class was full. That was our plan until 2 days before the end of term we were emailed again by the council to say thaat Lottie had been accepted and we would no longer need to appeal.

This week is the first weel of the Spring term and Amelie and Lottie have started in their new school!
They were both very nervous going into school on Monday, Amelie had a crowd and smiley and very excited girls around her when she went into her class. Lottie too was extremely nervous but they both did so well and we are SO proud of them!
Amelie has made 4 new friends already, she is enjoying her new class and says the girls are all REALLY nice.
Lottie really seems to be enjoying her class too, she is settling is really well and has many friends!

Best Thing Ive Bought This Week

I hadn't really bought anything so far this week, but i have just nipped to Sainsburys to buy some sun lotion for the girls to take with them to School, and i couldn't resist these gorgeous dresses for their Holidays next week!! :-)

From Sainsburys priced £12 - £14

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  1. lovely photos !!! great news about the girls :-) :-) xx