Saturday, 11 April 2015

Teaching little ones to tell the Time with RoomToGrow

This half term, we have been teaching Amelie to tell the time on a Clock. This is something that most of her class have already learnt,  Amelie, however, is really struggling and needs some extra help.

With the help of some fantastic and very fun learning resources, Amelie can now tell the time very well.

We bought Amelie a wipe clean learning book on how to tell the time, she enjoyed using the book but got bored of it after 5 minutes. After that we went back to pen and paper, drawing clocks and asking her to draw on the fingers to make "o clock" and "half past" she seemed to enjoy this much more.

I was recently asked to review a children's learning clock.When the Clock arrived I gave it straight to Amelie, she was delighted with it. I told her we would put some batteries in and hang it in her room, but she wasn't keen on the idea because she wanted to play with it first, pushing the fingers around to make different times on the clock and have a go at telling the time all by herself.

Amelie got so much enjoyment out of the clock, as well as successfully learning to tell the time!

The clock is now on her wall in her Bedroom. She knows not to wake mummy and daddy up in the morning until the clock is saying 8 o clock or anything after!!!

When Amelie is 100% confident with telling the time, we will replace her learning clock with one of her choice to go in her bedroom, and we will keep the learning clock for when Lottie starts learning to tell the time.

The Clock from Room to Grow is without a doubt the best learning aid I have come across for teaching young children to tell the time.

I love how the clock is so chunky and colourful. It is very sturdy too, perfect for little ones.
It is available in Green as well as Red, currently on sale priced at £19.80

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