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 As all you Mummies and Daddies know, no family home is complete without a book corner or book shelf of some sort. Story time is simply a MUST if you have young children. There is nothing like spending quality time with your child either hearing them read to you or reading them a story at Bed time.

Our children all love Books, and we have quite a lot for them to choose from.
Amelie loves reading "big girl" books, such as Rainbow Fairies. Lottie loves a book with a good meaningful story but has plenty of bright colourful pictures.
Kier, who is only 18 months old, also loves to have a story. His favourite kind of books are Lift the Flap books. He loves Spot the Dog and his favourite story at the moment is Dear Zoo, he never seems to get bored of that one!

Books don't have to be about just reading. There are many Activity books available to help your child learn to read and write, or for fun how about a Sticker book?

We were recently sent some fantastic Books to try out.

When a little orange fish with a very big family feels ignored, he starts to look for attention elsewhere. This delightfully illustrated tale about bravery, friendship and VERY big fibs, shows that sometimes even the littlest of fish can make a big difference!
Retail Price: £6.99

This is a great story book, perfect for little ones aged 4 - 7 years. Amelie and Lottie both love this story book, it is colourful and fun. We have ready it a few times and still love it!

Children will love to discover what is hiding on the pull-the-tab sliders in this brilliant new range of titles by Steph Hinton. Steph has perfectly crafted her illustrations to look like embroidered textile elements that, combined with educational content, will appeal to grown-ups and children alike. 
Retail Price: £7.99

Kier loves this book, it is chunky enough for him to hold and turn the pages himself. The flaps are tough enough not to be ripped easily. Lots of colours and things to find. I just love the patch work animals!


Take a Sticker History trip to Ancient Egypt! Learn about the awesome world of the Egyptians, from life on the Nile to the building of the pyramids and how to make a mummy! Each fun-filled scene is packed with cool facts, and oodles of stickers let you bring Ancient Egypt back to life!
Retail Price: £5.99

What 7 year old doesn't love sticker books? Amelie is usually into more girly books but as she has recently studied Ancient Egypt at school she was very much into this book!

                                                             Image result for arty mouse book
We love these wipe clean learning books. I always had them for Amelie during her first year at school, I love to sit down with the kids and do some extra tuition at home.
Specially when it's nice easy stuff like learning to write numbers and words!!!
These Arty Mouse books are fantastic. Lottie loved trying them out!

 • The Arty Mouse range takes learning to draw using basic shapes as its common creative starting point.
 • A small character who is big on creativity, Arty Mouse and his colourful friends introduce the very young to simple creative skills and pivotal early learning concepts.
 • The interactive books encourage parent-child exploration through reading, talking and then doing: drawing, sticking, printing, colouring, modelling, matching and more
. • Packed with art activities, each Arty Mouse title nurtures creative confidence and boosts literacy, numeracy and knowledge of the world.
 • Early learning through art for children aged 3-6.

                  Do you have Story time with your child?  What is your childs favourite book?

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