Monday, 6 April 2015

Our Very Busy Easter Week

After what seems like a very long week and weekend, Easter has now been and gone!!
We are of course left with a crazy amount Easter eggs!
What am i going to do with all these?!? .....

The week before Easter, on Tuesday 31st March, a very sweet little baby boy came into our lives!
Noah Reve,  a perfect new baby cousin for Amelie, Lottie and Kier, and a perfect little brother for Tyne, and lovely new baby for Miss Sparkles to snuggle with!

Apart from having lots of newborn Baby nephew cuddles, I have also been very busy trying to clear some space in our House. Our children have WAY too many toys, most of which they never play with anymore, so i decided to do a Car Boot sale on Easter Sunday and Monday. I was so happy with all the space i cleared and I was thrilled to make £200 just selling things that we didn't need anymore!

Our Easter has been quite manic but after the last car boot sale on Monday afternoon I was then free to spend time with the children and enjoy an Easter egg or two!!

                                          HAPPY EASTER FROM FIRST TWO THEN BLUE!!

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