Monday, 13 April 2015

Minene Booster Cushion Review

Now that Kier is leaving the Baby stage and entering the Toddler stage, we have begun to notice just how "grown up" he is getting!
Kier, who has never refused a Bottle of warm milk at bedtime, has now starting rejecting his Bottles!
He also does not like using his pushchair! The latest thing is the Highchair, he can now un do his straps and stands up in his highchair with a VERY cheeky grin on his face!  You know the grin I mean? The "I know i shouldn't be doing this" grin!!

Kier is only 18 months old so we are going to try to keep him in his highchair a little longer. We were wondering where Kier will be eating his meals if he's not in a Highchair? The girls used to have a small wooden table and chairs which they sat at together to eat lunch, it was a really lovely idea but now that we have 3 children we just don't have the space for something that big in our kitchen.

I was recently asked to review something that I think will solve the problem!

The Minene Booster Cushion from House of Fraser will make the perfect transition from Highchair to Chair!
If, like mine, your chairs are too low or your table is quite high for your tot to sit at with the family, then this booster cushion is the answer! As well as sitting comfortably at the table, your toddler will feel "grown up" and enjoy meal times feeling like an important part of the family rather than a "baby" in a Highchair.

As Kier is still quite young and very fidgety, I decided to test the cushion out on my Nephew Tyne.
Tyne has just turned 2, he often comes over to my house for Tea but struggles to eat his tea at the Table as the chairs are too low. Tyne was delighted to be the first person to try the cushion out.

The cushion ties around the back of the chair, making it stay where it's supposed to. Tyne was happy to sit on the cushion throughout Tea time. When I asked him what he thought of it, he replied "nice!"
Now Tyne asks for the cushion every time he comes over for Tea!

I plan to slowly introduce the cushion to Kier over the next few weeks, letting him sit on it at the table to do colouring in. The cushion comes with a packet of crayons which slot into the spaces at the back of the cushion! The cover is removable and machine washable at 30 degrees.
Measures 29cm by 29cm by 8cm.
It is available in different patterns. Prices start from as little as £22!


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  1. brilliant idea !!!! handy for grannies too (not to sit on lol ) when they have littles over for tea :-) really good price too well done first two then blue :-) xx