Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easy and Affordable Crafts for Kids

Easter weekend is imminent. We are all so excited; it’s such a fun time for the whole family.

Cut to me a couple of hours ago…PANIC! I have no plans for the Easter weekend!!

I quickly pulled myself together and started brainstorming some fun (but also easy and affordable) ways to keep ourselves amused over the long weekend. Easter is the perfect time for doing some art and craft activities, which my family love. Not only are these fun and creative, but they are simple and cheap to arrange.

If you are a stressed-out parent searching for ideas for the long weekend, please feel free to steal one (or all) of these ideas for your family.

Baking Easter treats

You can’t avoid all the sweet temptations that surround Easter. So, I say you might as well join them. I think baking as a family is a very fun and rewarding activity for everyone. The little ones are always so fascinated by the science of it all. There are loads of Easter themed recipes to choose from like carrot cake and chocolate nests. However, you can really make anything relevant with a little imagination. For example, we are going to make a batch of cupcakes and be creative with what we’ve got in the cupboard to decorate them like baby spring animals. I’m thinking coconut for bunnies, marshmallows for lambs and lemon zest for chicks.


Painting eggs

This is a classic activity that no Easter break would be complete without. All you need are a supply of eggs (real or artificial) and plenty of paints, pens and decorations. If like this idea but are low on materials, not to worry, you can purchase supplies from online stores like glue guns direct. If your kids go on an egg painting frenzy and you end up with lots, you can put them in bowls around the house, and they make lovely Easter decorations. But I have a feeling my children will want to use them the traditional way and watch them roll and splat at the bottom of a steep hill.

Making Easter bonnets

Making Easter bonnets is another activity that the kids love. Mainly, because they try to make them as silly as possible and then force their parents to wear them! All you need for this task is card, multicoloured tissue paper and whatever decorative items you can find. I think I’ll pick some daffodils and tulips to make them extra pretty. And some cotton wool will probably go down a treat to make big, comical bunny ears.

Easter photos

The last and final thing on my list are Easter photos. I am on a mission to get as many family photos as possible! My kids love taking selfies, so this is not going to be difficult. I’ve downloaded an app that you can add images to photos, depending on the occasion. So I imagine there’ll be a lot of bunny ears, and cute little bunny noses added to photos of my family.

Please let me know about the fun things you’ll be doing with your family this Easter weekend.

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