Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Baker Ross Craft Fun

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 At the First Two then Blue home, we LOVE Crafts, we simply can not get enough of Crafts!
So you can imagine how excited we get when are box of review supplies arrives from Baker Ross can't you?
 This month we were sent a fantastic selection of Arts and Crafts to try out.

We have a lot of Nautical themed stuff in our home, there are many wooden Boats on display, we all love Boats, so we were delighted to have a go at painting our own ceramic coin bank Boats!

 Box of 4 Boats costs just £4.96


To paint the Boats we used Porcelain Pens available from Baker Ross, a pack of 5 costs just £9.99.
We found them really easy to use, and less messier than Paints!

We loved colouring in these Star Hero bat and balls. After we had coloured them we played in the Garden with them. The girls had so much fun, it was nice for them to play with something different!

Pack of 4 costs £2.50

Amelie is very proud of her Girly Bat and Ball creation!

Amelie has recently discovered the wonderful world of sewing. She just loves sewing things up with child friendly needle and cotton.
She was delighted to try out this Mermaid Cushion Sewing Kit. They are really cute and colourful, great for children Amelies age!

Pack of 4 costs £4.70

Look out! theres a wild Animal on the prowl!!
Lottie just loved colouring in a pair of funky Animal glasses, she made a pair for Kier as he is a little too young to create his own just yet!

Pack of 12 costs £2.75

All children love stickers, don't they? My lot are all sticker mad!
They loved decorating with these lovely bright and colourful Ghome stickers!

Pack of 120 costs £2.99

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