Thursday, 16 April 2015

Are we there yet?!

Travelling is stressful. Throw some young children into the mix, and you have yourself an even more hectic situation. In the past, I have taken a very laid back approach, just assuming that everything will work itself out at the time. How wrong was I? I now know that travelling with kids requires forward thinking and organisation. When you are well prepared you the whole situation becomes far less stressful, and, believe it or not, pretty enjoyable. If you are travelling with your children this summer, whether you are staying local or going abroad, here are my tips on how to prepare.

  • Take charge of packing  - Nominate one person in the family to be in charge of packing. (I’m assuming if you are taking the time to read this post, then it will probably be you!) Otherwise, the whole thing will get messy and it will be hard to keep track of what has been packed and what hasn’t. Someone may end up with loads of bottoms but no tops!
Leave space for toys - If you can, try to reserve some space in your suitcases for toys, games, colouring books etc., for the kids. There may long periods in the car, bus, train or plane and it’s during these times that boredom is most likely to set in. These items will also help to keep your kids happy during downtime during the holiday.

  • Check all the important documents - Luckily it’s not happened to us. However, I have heard about families who have been unable to board their flight because they didn’t realise one of their passports was out of date. It’s a really good idea to check all your travel documents well in advance of your holiday and to deal with any problems in good time.

  • Book family-friendly - Before booking your accommodation, I would recommend you make sure the hotel has everything you need for your family. This may include travel cots and high chairs and other helpful extras like a kids menu and children’s entertainment.

  • Arrange activities in advance - To avoid stress when you get to your destination, I think it’s worthwhile to look into the things your family would like to do. And, if possible, book these activities before you get there. For example, you could check out Blackpool attractions on the web and buy tickets for anything your family is keen to do. During the summer season attractions tend to get booked up, so this way you won’t miss and you may even be able to beat the queues.

  • Consider your comfort - Unfortunately, delays, cancellations and traffic jams can happen. However, if you are prepared for these events, they don’t have to be as trying. Pack a travel bag with any items or products you think you might need to make these periods as comfortable as possible. For example, this may include water, baby wipes, extra layers of clothing and medication.

I hope my tips work for you and allow you to have a stress-free family holiday.

Do you have any tips for travelling with kids that you would like to share?

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  1. I am too scared to travel with my three as my yougest two are both under two , but when we do travel i will be sure to use your tips xx