Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Online entertainment for busy Parents


 Do you ever find yourself doing the same old thing each evening after the children have gone to bed and the housework has been done? I know some parents love to unwind with a glass of wine while watching tv, I myself am not a big tv watcher! Although i recently signed up to Netflicks a few weeks ago, I am now completely bored of watching films every night and I need something more exciting!

Like most people, when i'm bored and there is not anything worth watching on tv, i start browsing on my iphone, checking socal media sites, then my emails, then have a quick look on ebay to see if i've won any bids?! Before you know it a whole hour has gone by and you've wasted all that precious child free time!

There are definitely better ways to spend your evening at home. I recently started browsing online Bingo sites. I haven't played much Bingo online, and i'm wondering now why it's never entered my mind to have a quick game? It's fun, and it's cheaper than you may think. There is a particular british bingo site i stumbled upon a few days ago, from this site i learnt how quick and easy it is to choose what type of game you want to play and how quickly you can be signed up and playing Bingo without spending any money, most Bingo sites offer bonuses when you first sign up. I was surprised at how little money you have to spend to play online thanks to all the amazing offers they have!

I was also unaware that online Bingo sites have live chat rooms available while you play, so you can socialize and meet the other players while you play, just like at real life Bingo!
Most sites also offer a lot of help if you are new to online Bingo, and haven't got much of a clue like myself!!
It is so much fun to play Bingo with real people in the comfort of your home, and of course you can have a cheeky glass of wine while you play!

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