Thursday, 5 March 2015

Online Bingo - Facts and Tips!

Every time you turn on your tv, you are more than likely to see an advertisement for Online Bingo!
If you pick up a magazine or Newspaper, you will see one in there also! You may even hear advertisements for Online Bingo on your local radio station, and not to forget the pop up advert on your computer or smartphone! So just why has Online Bingo become so popular?  Here are some facts I found online.

1. In UK, Bingo is more popular and generates more money than Soccer.

2. There are more than 1 million bingo players from UK alone.

3. Bingo Game is most popular activity for women of age 20 to 25.

4. The only game that is legally sanctioned form of gambling at British military is Bingo.

5. There are 2 million admissions per week and 90 million admissions per year at bingo clubs.

6. There are 1.4 million unique bingo cards

We have all played Bingo at some point (if you haven't then you really should!!) it's fun and exciting whether played at a Bingo Hall or online.
The big question on everyone's mind when playing Bingo - how much chance do I have of winning?
Here are some tips to boost your chances!

Playing at certain times of the day can help increase your chances!
Early morning and late night games attract fewer players, which will help your chances of winning.
Be sure to take advantage of sign up bonuses, they will enable you to play more cards for a longer period of time.
When starting a new game, always look for rooms that are less crowned, your chances are always better with fewer people playing.
Try not to get frustrated if you are not having much luck, you may have better luck next time!
Remember that Bingo is a social game, take advantage of the chat rooms, talk to other players and find out more about the game.

If you think you would like to give online bingo a chance the first thing you need to decide is where you would like to play. There are fantastic Bingo comparison sites out there, loaded with information to help you get started. These sites do all the hard work for you, gathering all Bingo sites and comparing which have the best bonuses available.


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