Monday, 16 March 2015

New Season = New Clothes

Spring is finally here, it's hard to believe when you step outside in the morning ready for the dreaded school run and the kids are moaning that the car is too cold! It won't last forever though, spring and sprung and that can only mean one thing.... time for new clothes!!!!!!

Not for me of course, no no, like the majority of middle class mummies of many, I have to wait for the end of season sales to buy my spring wardrobe!!! That's ok cos i find clothes shopping for kids clothes so much more fun anyway!

I decided to have a look online for some new clothes for Amelie, Lottie and Kier. As I do most of my shopping online now it's just so much easier, I stumbled across lovely little website with some amazing outfits for children.

Usually i find it hard to find a store that sells clothes i like for all 3 of my kids. In fact I don't think I ever have bought all their clothes from one place, ever!
Melijoe have so much to choose from for children from Newborn right up to Teens! Shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories from all the best brands on one website is definitely the easiest and quickest way to dress your children!

Here are some of the things I love for my 7 and 5 year old daughters.

I love dresses on Amelie, now that shes 7 I think she suits dresses like this so much more than big full "party dresses" and dresses like this look so nice when worn with the right shoes and accessories and of course a lovely hair style with matching hair accessories.

These shoes match the dress well and are also very comfortable, which is very important to my girls! This dress would also look great with some pretty sandals in the Summer!

I just love these dresses, they would look great on both of my girls!
I would dress them in these dresses with their hair in bunches with matching Ribbons, Cute!!

Shiny sandals like these look great with dresses in the Summer, and White sandals will match so many other outfits. I love these ones!

I have always found shopping for boys clothes quite a challenge! I have never been able to pick up clothes for Kier as easily as I have done for the girls. Most of Kier's clothes have been bought online and ordered through click and collect.
I love shirts on Kier for every occasion. Casual shirts with a pair of denim trousers are just adorable.
Here are some I love also from Melijoe.

This Aston Martin cotton poplin shirt would be perfect for my sister in-laws wedding, with a pair of smart trousers and shoes. I like to make sure Kier has at least 2 very smart outfits for special occasions.

For more casual days I love this cotton poplin shirt, Kier really suits green and blue, he has a shirt very similar to this that i bought recently.
A shirt like this would look great with some casual and comfortable trousers.

I love these Tommy Hilfiger low top shoes, they are so cute and would match all Kier's outfits!

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