Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bath time for Baby

For young Babies and Toddlers, bath time is one of the most important times, not only for hygiene reasons, but for their development too. Water play gives your baby new experience, watching how their bath toy floats, or if it sinks? Splashing the water, pouring the water, playing with the bubbles. All their senses can be stimulated at Bath time., whether they are Newborn or toddler!

Bath time is Kier's favorite time. He just loves to splash and see just how soaking wet he can get.
Kier used to share his bath with his sisters but now that he is bigger and more splashy in the bath, they no longer want to have their bath with him!

I dont usually put much thought it to which bath products i am going to buy for Kier and the children, i usually do the typical "busy mum" thing and pick up which ever decent brand baby bath is on offer!
I was delighted to be asked to review some of the Mustela baby skincare range!

At bath time we tried out some Cleansing Milk and some hair and body wash on Kier.
His hair and skin were lovely and soft when he came out of the bath.
I am really happy with the brand and would definitely use it again.

About Mustela Skincare

Mustela knows that nothing is more precious than your baby, and so it is committed to safety first and foremost. Developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, all of Mustela’s products arehypoallergenic*, high-tolerance and do not contain any parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates or alcohol. Before being marketed, they are systematically put through the strictest possible tests to confirm that they are of the safest quality.

Mustela’s products are the fruits of  Expanscience Laboratories' dermatological expertise. They have all been carefully assessed as part of clinical trials or usage tests under dermatological and paediatric control to demonstrate their safety and efficacy.

he plant world possesses infinite resources for nurturing delicate skin. In all of its products, Mustela favours ingredients that are either natural or of natural origin: For example, Mustela Bébé products contain 92% ingredients of natural origin on average.

Taking care of our children also involves taking care of the environment in which they live. At every stage along the life cycle of its products, Mustela does everything it can to minimise the impact that they have on the environment. Mustela bottles, for example, can all be recycled. The boxes used are from sustainably managed forests, and Mustela Bébé foaming formulations are all biodegradable.


The daily bath is an important time for your baby: in addition to keeping him or her clean, it helps aid sensory development. It's also a special part of the day you two can share together.

Here's some helpful information for learning to wash your baby without damaging your baby's delicate and immature skin. Using these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your baby’s bath with complete peace of mind.

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