Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mamia Baby Prodcuts from Aldi

 Today we are trying out some baby products from the Mamia range at Aldi. This is real treat for me because I have never bought any other brand of Nappies other than Pampers and Huggies for any of my children. With the girls it was nice to have the choice between Huggies and Pampers Nappies, now that Huggies have stopped making Nappies it really doesn't leave me with much choice for Kier! After watching a tv show about how cheaper products are in most cases just as good as leading brands I was delighted to be asked to try something other than Pampers!

This is the first time we have tried store branded Nappies and I am very impressed with them. I don't know why I always thought store branded Nappies wouldn't be much good.
These award winning nappies are so soft and snug,  they are in my opinion better than top branded Nappies, they don't leak at all, they have all the fancy designs and have up to 12 hours leak protection!

The baby wipes are very strong, they don't full apart when being pulled out, or get wedged into the pack coursing you to pull a whole load out all at once like many leading brand baby wipes do!
I actually prefer Mamia baby wipes and if I had an Aldi store local to me i would definitely buy them!

As well as fantastic Nappies and Wipes, we also got to try out some Baby shampoo and Bubble bath. Kier never has a bath without Bubbles, so we always have to make sure were well stocked!
I like this Baby Bath and Shampoo just as much an the leading brands that I usually buy! Kier does too!

Kier's favourite part of the Mamia baby products review was of course the food! Rice cakes are Kier's favourite snack, he just loved munching his way through a packet of Mamia junior mini rice cakes.
The baby food pouches were enjoyed by one of the babies that I child mind, Oscar who is usually quite a fussy eater didn't have any objection to the Mamia baby food pouches at all!
The baby juice also went down a treat!

I highly rate all of these Mamia products, unfortunately we do not have an Aldi store close to our house but I have heard some people saying there may be one built in our area soon!
I am now really excited about this and would definitely make a special journey there to buy all of my baby shopping!

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