Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Love Pillowcases Review

Today I am writing about a fantastic set of Pillowcases i recently received to try out.
They are not just your average every day pillow cases, they are far from it!
They are beautiful soft poly-cotton pillowcases from LovePillowCases.

How adorable? There are many designs to choose from. All featuring this super cute stick man and stick lady couple.
The pillowcases are standard size so they will fit most Pillows.

The pillowcases come packed neatly in a little box, with a To and From box to sign names if you are giving them to somebody as a gift.
I think the Pillowcases would make a lovely gift for a special Anniversary, Wedding or Engagement. I am always stuck for gift ideas as many married couples or couples living together already have everything for their home, but something like Love Pillowcases is something they are not likely to already have and something to remind them of their special day, they will probably even remember who this awesome gift is from!!

I love the idea of His n Hers gifts, especially for Weddings. LovePillowcases also do matching mugs. A very cute gift idea and something I am considering buying for my Sister in Law for her Wedding this year!


I am enjoying having these Pillowcases in my bedroom, they brighten it up and always make me smile! :-)